Some judges in our family court are failing our children, our families, and our community.  They are not following the the Constitution, statutes, and court rules.  Unfortunately, some of our judges also appear to be biased or prejudiced too often.  This is harming children, families, and our community.  That is why I am running for family court (probate) judge.  This is not just my opinion.  Please read the other pages of this website to see what the Court of Appeals says and what the County Commissioners paid to settle litigation involving the incumbent judge.

Too many children are being separated from fit and willing parents.
Too many children are being placed into foster care when a fit relative wants to care for them.
Too many children are being adopted by strangers when there is a relative willing to adopt them.
Too many children are needlessly kept in government care for weeks or months while our government servants decide what to do.
This is unacceptable.

It is time to bring accountability and rule of law back to Kent County family court.
It is time to shake up some judges.
It is time to remind Judges that they are public servants.

Our children deserve better.
Our children deserve to be with parents or relative whenever possible.
Each child deserves speedy judicial action when they are removed from their parents (not weeks or months of legal delays).
Our families deserve well reasoned decisions based on law and fact, not fabricated law, bias, or hearsay.

I know our family courts can work better.  Please vote  Brian Downs  for probate judge on Nov. 6th.